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Image by Jenna Day

Wedding Party

The Bridesmaids


Andrea is one of those "once in a lifetime" special people that you are just lucky to know. She is caring and shows this through her affection for her family and friends. She always knows how to have a good time and make anyone laugh. One of Tammy’s favorite memories with Andrea was when they lived together and would watch their favorite shows together while sharing a home cooked meal together. Tammy’s life would not be complete without Andrea, and she is so lucky to have her as her co-maid of honor.


Jane Lim

Jane is the rock, the cheerleader and the inspirer. No matter how far these two travel and no matter how much time flies by, it does not matter because their friendship is strong and will stand through anything. Why? Because these two girls have been through everything together and it’s safe to say that Tammy would not be who she is today without Jane. She is honored to have such an amazing person at her side as her matron of honor.


Beth Morton

Beth and Tammy met during residency and had an instant and blossoming friendship that stemmed from similar tastes in humor, TV, music and culture. Through the distances, no matter what and no matter when, they will always stay in touch and hold each other dear in their hearts and are both so happy to finally be reunited together in the bay area!


Christina Le

Christina, aka Tammy’s go to yoga partner, always has the ability to put a smile on her face through inside jokes, silly humor and the general positive and mature outlook she has on life. Tammy has always admired Christina’s kind heart, good attitude and beautiful soul. These two girls have and will always remain dearly close friends and together and will continue to conquer life’s trials and tribulations.


Krizia Del Rosario

Tammy met Krizia while living in San Diego and it was pretty immediate that these two  become close friends. Krizia is that girl you can talk to about anything and confide in, without any drama or opinions. Krizia is not only trustworthy and funny; she is also one of the most genuine people you will ever meet.


Mira Zurayk

Tammy and Mira are all laughs all of the time. The two girls met in school when they decided to join the same co-ed fraternity. What a great decision that turned out to be because it laid the foundation for a strong friendship. Mira is one of those people that you can count on for a smile no matter what. She is intelligent, witty, inspiring and motivational. She radiates a positive energy through everything she does all of the time. These two girls have inside jokes, memories and laughter that will follow them throughout their lifetime and Tammy would not be who she is today without Mira.

The Groomsmen


Ben Werth

Ben is the best man and has known Chris since middle school where they bonded over their Jordan shoe collections.  He was also responsible for recruiting Chris to Betas which can arguably be debated as a good or bad life choice.  Ben also was one of the first friends to meet Tammy and has been lucky enough to experience a full Tammy breakfast on occasion.


Tomer Benami

Tomer is one of Chris’s closest friends.  They have traveled the world together and shared many unforgettable memories throughout their time together.  He has a youthful spirit and energy that is infectious and undeniable, and makes everyone around him a happier and better person. Chris and Tammy are both very fortunate to have Tomer in their lives.


Rand Bellar

Rand and Chris have known each other since high school and bonded when Rand gave Chris a pillow on the porch.  Beyond that, Rand is also sincere and compassionate, and has been there for Chris for support and guidance throughout their time as friends. Chris feels very lucky to have met Rand and is grateful for their continued friendship throughout the years.


Aaron Loh

Chris and Aaron met while in college and spent many hours together at the gym and Subway.  Aaron and Chris both love the Seahawks and have attended many games together.  

Chris knows he can always count on their friendship and is fortunate to have Aaron in his life.


Kevin Hoffman

Chris and Hoffman met in college at Betas.  They ended up sleeping in the same room / house all four years of college including in a room called the Basement.  They have stayed in touch despite living in various cities over the years and always manage to catch up when they are in the same place.  

Chris and Jason.jpg

Jason Rosenberg

Chris and Jason met at UCLA Anderson.  They quickly became close friends while in banking recruiting and have stayed in touch ever since.  Chris and Jason optimized their time in business school and Covid riding bikes on the beach in LA and becoming Kailua boys in Hawaii.  

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